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    Search Engine Advertising

    S.E.A. are ads that appear on top of GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING. The benefit of search engine ads is to target people who want to buy now. With a fast and easy set, your phone can be ringing today.

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    Building Marketing Sales Funnels

    Creating marketing sales funnels is a process that you can track how a prospect goes being a lead to becoming a buyer.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are social media platform that can be used to market, sell and brand your products effectively. With data acquired from social media we can market based on age and demographics.

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    Landing, Sales, Opt-In Pages

    All these pages are ACTION pages, they help the potential buyer take different steps needed in the sales process.

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    Retargeting Ads

    Retargeting ads is advertising that is re-shown to an interested potential buyer who has not bought the first time. Retargeting ads keeps that potential buyer in the buying loop by peeking the interest with various ads.

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    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing can help you expand your sales platform, by using other people to sell your produce for you.

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    Video Marketing

    Using videos campaigns to reach your target market in order to generate leads or sales. Video marketing can be used on any platform, in order to sale or used for brand awareness.

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    Content Marketing

    A way of exposing your product, ideas or service to your niche market by creating valuable and unique information for your audience. This can help increase sales and expand brand recognition.

A Cohesive MARKETING Game Plan

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We understand you are busy at work, trying to make it work! So our experts do back flips to help you stay in the LOOP, each step we take towards your success you are engaged. The bottom line is, each company is unique and has it’s own challenges to face, Elookmedia faces them head on with you.


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EM marketing websites are created with the highest conversion in mind. Whether we are designing a basic or complex
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